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Retailer obligations

Where a deposit under these Regulations is applicable, a retailer shall charge the deposit on the in-scope product to the customer and provide the consumer with proof of payment of the deposit.

A retailer shall

  • register with an approved body and display their certificate of registration 
  • ensure that the deposit payment is itemised on the proof of payment (receipt)
  • ensure that the returns facility for taking back in-scope bottles and containers is visible and easily accessible
  • take back every in-scope bottle and in-scope container returned to it by a consumer
  • provide storage for the in-scope bottles and containers 
  • display the location of the closest return point
  • return all returned in-scope bottles and containers to the approved body.

A retailer shall immediately reimburse the value of the original deposit paid, in a manner prescribed by the approved body, to a consumer who presents an in-scope bottle or in-scope container for return, irrespective of where the in-scope product was purchased and the deposit first paid.

A retailer shall not be required to take back:
(i) an in-scope bottle or in-scope container that is damaged,
(ii) an in-scope bottle or in-scope container that is not empty,
(iii) an in-scope bottle or in-scope container that does not have marking that indicates a deposit was payable on the purchase of the in-scope product to which it relates.

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