The Global Language of Business

Producer obligations

A producer shall not place in-scope products on the market unless he or she is a member of an approved body.

A producer will pay the deposit to an approved body for the in-scope products they place on the market at the point when they place them on the market.

A producer shall charge a deposit on all in-scope products he or she places on the market in the State and provide the consumer with proof of payment of the deposit.

A producer shall (a) register with an approved body, (b) provide details to the approved body of all in-scope products they place on the market, (c) pay any registration and producer fee as required by the approved body, (d) furnish information in connection with their participation in the Deposit Return Scheme, in such form and at such frequency as may be specified by the approved body with whom they are registered, (e) label an in-scope product as prescribed by an approved body.