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Preparing for Compliance: GS1 in Europe Alcoholic Beverages Webinar

Jun 22, 2023, by Paul Connolly - Category: Online Event


How QR Code and GS1 Digital Link will impact the way we drink!

The drinks industry must get ready for informing consumers on the ingredients, nutrition, and allergens of alcoholic beverages. GS1 in Europe is organising a 1-hour webinar on Thursday 22nd June to inform how the industry can get ready to comply with this (self-)regulation.

The agenda for this webinar is:

  • Inform the industry on the upcoming (self) regulation for wines & spirits
  • Inform what data needs to be exchanged in order to inform consumers throughout Europe
  • Inform how companies can use GS1 standards (identifiers) and solutions (GS1 Digital Link) for sharing their data
  • Inform on current solutions that are offered by GS1 Member Organisations and solution providers
  • Create a European platform of collaboration for the alcoholic beverages sector

Event target: Brand owners (wines, aromatized wines and spirits), retail, solution providers (including GDSN Datapools ), associations and GS1 member organisations

Price: Free of charge. Registration is compulsory.

Event type: Online only

Register Here:

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