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Out of stock... not a problem with a B2B eCommerce Solution

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Supply chains have been at breaking point for a while and with seasonal surges only exacerbating current issues it's inevitable that many businesses will experience stockouts. But this is only a barrier to sale for businesses ill-equipped to overcome it.

Flexibility is key in B2B ordering. If you don't provide back ordering or if your customers are unwilling or unable to do so, then the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution can automate back in stock email reminders to notify customers of a restock and prompt them to order, helping increase sales whilst reducing the number of calls your team need to field.

Solution features

Retain interest with alternatives

With popular items frequently out of stock, customers are more open to suggestions on alternative suitable products which can be automatically displayed to the customer so that you can capture their order rather than them seeking the product from another supplier.

Pre-Order and Forward Order

With longer lead times and shipping delays you may want to source or manufacture larger quantities of products and having visibility of the demand will give you the confidence to do that. Giving customers forward vision of new products and allowing them to pre-order ensures you will always have sufficient stock.

Back Order Management

With stock availability currently down from 95% to around 60% it is inevitable your customers will have items on back order that they're seeking regular updates on. The TrueCommerce B2B solution enables your customers to view their items and statuses online, as well as offering a downloadable report. With extended lead times it is easy for your customers to forget they have an item on back order, but if they try to add a back ordered item to their basket we will prompt them to avoid a potential error and return situation.

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Further information

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