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How to avoid paying for EDI system updates for customer changes

Sep 14, 2022, by Maria Svejdar - Category: Electronic Data Interchange

Are you currently paying for changes to your EDI set up in order to meet the changing requirements of your best customers?

Large organisations such as supermarkets will often review and update their EDI systems to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible. However, when these changes are implemented, they often require that each of their suppliers in turn make changes to their systems to ensure compatibility. For example, Morrisons in the UK are currently transitioning from Tradacoms to EDIFACT which is resulting in new requirements for their suppliers.

Although most of these modifications are moves from one common message standard to another, many EDI providers charge additional fees to customers to implement these changes. Under this pricing model, it only takes a handful of your customers to make similar changes before the costs to your business start accumulating.

One way to offset the cost of such unanticipated changes is to select a provider that offers a fully managed service that is delivered at a fixed fee, regardless of any external changes that may come down the line during the year. This allows for better cost management and budget compliance.

TrueCommerce Managed Service EDI Solution

GS1 Ireland Gold Partner LogoTrueCommerce understands that modern busy organisations need an EDI provider that can take care of all their EDI requirements without the risk of being presented with extra costs for standard system changes. The TrueCommerce OneTime solution is supported by a fully managed service that includes any standard changes that support the smooth running of your electronic trading platform and is delivered for a fixed annual fee with no hidden or variable costs. TrueCommerce is a GS1 Ireland Gold Solution Partner.

Download the Managed Service datasheet.

If you would like to explore the option of a fixed rate, managed EDI solution, please contact TrueCommerce for a quote. 

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