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Genesis: Saving Time, Money, and Lives in Irish Healthcare Facilities

Nov 11, 2022, by Amanda Creane - Category: Healthcare

How complete clinical traceability enhances patient safety and adds measurable value.

Complete traceability across the clinical supply chain is essential to the hospital or healthcare system’s success—not only for its ability to deliver substantial time and cost savings, but also for its ability to dramatically enhance patient safety. And yet, standard healthcare supply chain solutions remain focused on the logistics of procurement and delivery, without accounting for the movement of care-critical supplies as they leave the warehouse and become part of the patient journey. Transformative technologies, however, are able to unleash powerful new efficiencies in the supply chain while also enabling better care delivery through complete clinical traceability.



In adherence with GS1 Standards, the ideal solution must be capable of tracking and tracing every product from the point of delivery to the point of care and ensuring that meaningful information is standardised and readily available. The availability of standardised data is integral to enabling the hospital to save time and money, and more importantly, to protect patients. Through robust analytics and dynamic barcode scanning, an effective clinical traceability solution is capable of transforming the clinical supply chain with new visibility and insight. But what does clinical traceability look like in action at different points throughout the lifecycle of care-critical supplies?

In partnership with GS1 Ireland, Genesis is empowering users to transform their clinical supply chains through complete clinical traceability. Through a suite of dynamic solutions, Genesis brings automation and intelligence to the management of care-critical supplies at every point in The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™. With over 300 client sites across Ireland, the UK, and USA, including Mater Private Dublin, Tallaght University Hospital, and Hermitage Clinic, Genesis is also the only solution provider to provide the scalability needed to secure and support an entire country rollout across NHS Scotland.

Module Applications for Clinical Traceability

By bringing clinical traceability to life in the clinical environment, Genesis bridges the value gap between the warehouse and the patient journey. Genesis’ connected solutions deliver new visibility across the entire clinical supply chain, from point of care, to inventory management, to tissue tracking and more.

At the point of care, it is imperative that caregivers have the ability to measure and map utilisation to the right patient and the right clinician, as well as to capture every charge without exception. In addition, clinicians require real-time visibility around expired and recalled supplies to prevent dangerous never events. Genesis Point of Care frees up caregivers’ time and allows them to spend more time with patients by ensuring the supply chain is tightly integrated with clinical realities.

Before supplies reach patients, visibility across departments and sites can provide an essential understanding of waste, utilisation, and consumption, as well as supplies nearing expiry. Through Genesis Inventory, hospitals can transform inventory management from a procurement function to a pillar of value realisation. With real unique device identifiers and the ability to capture data with a single scan, hospitals can harness Genesis Inventory to gain new control across the supply chain.

The hospital is home to a diverse array of supplies—from the lowest cost consumable to the highest cost implant. It is critical, therefore, that a clinical traceability solution is capable of dynamically tracking supply classes with the most specialised of requirements. Hospitals can achieve real-time visibility and gain control of care-critical equipment with Genesis Asset, which provides the ability to automatically produce asset-scheduled maintenance requisitions and dynamically generate replacement schedules by date and location. Furthermore, with Genesis Tissue, hospitals can manage the movement of living supplies throughout the entire chain of custody. By measuring and monitoring storage conditions in an automated way, hospitals can affirm the safety of living supplies to uphold exceptional quality and protect their patients.

Equally essential to complete clinical traceability are robust analytics and flexible integrations, which deliver insights that enable hospital decision makers to achieve comprehensive visibility and standardised insights. With a robust API library and agile integration approach, Genesis combines clinical traceability insights with critical data from the catalogue, EHR, finance, and ERP systems. Building upon this single source of truth, Genesis Analytics provides access to contextualised metrics that empower hospital decision makers to quantify supply performance, outcomes, costs, wastage, and other key indicators, then use these insights to shape strategies that improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and financial margin. Together, these solutions transform the management of the clinical supply chain into a strategic function, enabling hospitals to make decisions aligned with efficiency gains, cost savings, and quality care.

Processes to Ensure Success in Practice

When it comes to complete clinical traceability, the processes and partnership delivered by the solution provider are equally important to the solution itself.
From beginning of implementation, Genesis carefully maps processes to ensure accuracy and budget adherence, leveraging its Stage Zero methodology. Genesis’ experienced team closely collaborates with the client to identify key activities, deliverables, and KPIs. Using this information, Genesis develops a tailored timeline and streamlined implementation roadmap—with the ability to go live in as little as 12 weeks. After solution roll out, Genesis’ cloud applications enable greater resiliency, availability, and flexible data access, with in-house IP to adapt the system to client requirements. Finally, Genesis continues to drive value long after implementation, with designated Business Solution Managers providing ongoing solution development support to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Clinical traceability goes beyond traditional inventory management—it empowers hospitals with the visibility and control they require to make more informed, more agile decisions. Equipped with complete clinical traceability, the hospital can realise transformative financial, operational, and clinical advantages, achieving operational excellence while delivering outstanding care.

About Genesis

Genesis is a clinical traceability solution that brings new automation and intelligence to the management of care-critical supplies at every point in The Clinical Supply Lifecycle™. Capable of managing the lowest cost consumable to the highest cost implant, Genesis enables true enterprise-grade traceability in the clinical environment. Set apart by its unique ability to affect every part of the revenue cycle while radically improving the lives of clinicians and their patients, Genesis empowers the hospital system to transform its clinical supply chain into a pillar of value maximisation.

Today, Genesis works with more than 300 client sites, including Mater Private Dublin, Tallaght University Hospital, and Hermitage Clinic, to drive real and measurable benefits. To learn more, visit

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