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Denis O’Brien of GS1 Ireland wins Global GS1 award

Feb 24, 2022, by GS1 Ireland  - Category:

We are just at the end of a very busy week where we attended GS1’s Annual Global Forum, with over 2,600 participants from over 112 countries with representation from GS1 executive staff and guest representative from industry, key trade associations and solution providers.

We are DELIGHTED to announce that GS1 Ireland’s own Director of Solutions and Standards, Denis O’Brien, was awarded The Tim Smucker "Everyone Makes a Difference Award"!

The award, presented at the GS1 Global Forum closing plenary, goes to individuals who excel for their efforts to implement GS1 standards and as an outstanding representative of the GS1 system.



Tim and Jenny Smucker presenting the award to Denis O’Brien

Mike Byrne, CEO, GS1 Ireland:

“I can think of no greater champion than Denis O’Brien of the GS1 Vision; he has consistently leveraged GS1 standards to digitally transform key sectors, and he personifies how we all in GS1 should work together as an Interdependent Organisation. Denis has been at the forefront of developing and implementing Traceability Systems for over 30 years, and his experience in the use of GS1 Standards in ‘real-world’ solutions has ensured that GS1 in Ireland, and globally, has become synonymous with ‘best-practice’ in the application of Track and Trace solutions.’’

Denis was appointed as Director of Standards and Solutions in 2012, but is a fervent advocate of GS1 Standards for over 30 years.

Most recently, Denis has made an immense contribution to Ireland’s National Covid-19 Vaccination Programme, with the design, development and implementation of a full software solution based on GS1 Traceability Standards, in collaboration with the HSE’s National Immunisation Office and TrackVax project team.  

Denis is a GS1 Certified Traceability Trainer and accredited Global Traceability Conformance Auditor who specialises in production, traceability and anticounterfeiting systems – particularly for the food industry- but also for wider manufacturing industry and healthcare sectors. Denis also works with a number of universities and other institutions to ensure that GS1 Standards are included in their academic courses and that the next generation of graduates are familiar with GS1 and the benefits our standards can bring to their organisations.

We at GS1 Ireland are immensely proud of the achievements of Denis who has earned an excellent reputation for his invaluable work across several industry sectors, most notably in the area of Traceability and GS1 standards-enabled solutions.

We extend our congratulations to all the well deserving winners at this years event.