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GS1 System Certificate Courses

Introduction to the GS1 Certificate Courses

The GS1 Certificates allow the learner to test their knowledge of the GS1 standards. The Certificates compliment the Learning Zone Bundles and are available on two levels: System Certificate and Advanced System Certificate.

GS1 System Certificate

The GS1 System Certificate tests the learner on an essential understanding of the terminology of GS1 standards and how they are deployed as supply chain solutions. This Certificate course takes the learner through the fundamentals of the GS1 system that enable companies to identify, capture and share information about their products.

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Advanced GS1 System Certificate

The Advanced GS1 System Certificate builds on the knowledge gained in the introductory GS1 System Certificate. It examines the learner on their understanding of GS1’s more advanced identification numbers and data carriers, along with the fundamental principles of traceability and data quality within the supply chain.

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