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GS1 System Certificate Course

Overview of GS1 Certificate Course

The GS1 System Certificate gives the learner an essential understanding of the terminology of GS1 standards and how they are deployed as supply chain solutions. This Certificate course takes the learner through the fundamentals of GS1 standards, as grouped into the four pillars of Identify, Capture, Share and Use.

The GS1 System Certificate provides a high level overview of GS1 supply chain standards, focussing on how they can be used in different business processes throughout the supply chain to deliver cost benefits, operational efficiency and visibility for your business.

In the introductory Certificate Course the most commonly deployed identification keys (GTIN and GLN) and most often used barcode symbols (EAN/UPC) are covered. The basics of RFID tags as a method of data capture is also introduced. The key elements of the data sharing process are covered in the introductory EDI and GDSN modules.

The GS1 System Certificate would be of benefit to any GS1 members who want to understand the total scope of the GS1 organisation and the potential benefits that GS1 could bring to your organisation.

Course Modules

  • Introduction to GS1
  • Identification Numbers (GTIN, GLN, SSCC)
  • Barcode Symbols - (EAN/UPC)
  • Introduction to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 
  • Electronic Product Code (EPC)/Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)

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Learning outcomes

As a result of completing this course the learner will:

  • be familiar with the core terminology used in the context of supply chain standards
  • understand how GS1 identification numbers are the foundation of many business processes and systems
  • recognise how the components of GS1 standards inter-relate to each other

Who is this course for?

The GS1 System Certificate Course is ideal for anyone who needs to have a basic understanding of the breadth, use and opportunities of GS1 standards adoption. Candidates come from across a variety of business disciplines including Marketing, Product Management, Packaging, IT, Logistics and Warehousing, Supply Chain Managers and Solution Providers.

What is required?

No prior knowledge of standards is required to take this course. The Certificate Course is available to paid up Members of GS1 and companies participating in the GS1 Ireland Solution Provider Programme.

Course Assessment

Following completion of all modules candidates will be required to complete an online assessment. A minimum passing grade of 80% is required in order to achieve the Certificate award.

Further information

To learn more about the the GS1 System Certificate Courses or any of the eLearning modules available please contact Alec Tubridy or email