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Advanced GS1 System Certificate Course

Overview of Advanced GS1 System Certificate Course

The Advanced GS1 System Certificate Course builds on the knowledge gained in the introductory GS1 System Certificate and goes into more detail on GS1 standards application in traceability and data sharing systems.

Completing the Advanced Course will give you a more in-depth knowledge of GS1’s identification numbers for asset identification and tracking (GRAI, GIAI). The more advanced Data Carriers are covered, including the barcode symbologies GS1 Datamatrix and GS1-128, which are used extensively to support product visibility and traceability systems in the Food and Healthcare sectors.

The course also includes modules on; the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP), the process through which GS1 standards are developed; the fundamentals of traceability within the supply chain; the world of GS1 RFID standards and event-data capture through the Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) and finally; the principles of data quality are covered, which is essential to the smooth operation of today’s supply chains, regardless of the technology used.

Course Modules

  • Identification Numbers - (GRAI, GIAI)
  • Barcodes - (AI's, Datamatrix, GS1-128)
  • Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS)
  • Introduction to Traceability
  • Building a Traceability Framework
  • Introduction to Data Quality
  • Creating standards – The GSMP Community

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Learning outcomes

As a result of completing this course the learner will:

  • be familiar with the core terminology used in the context of supply chain standards
  • understand how GS1 identification numbers are the foundation of many business processes and systems
  • recognise how the components of GS1 standards inter-relate to each other

Who is the Advanced course for?

The Advanced GS1 System Certificate will benefit employees within larger SME and multi-national organisations whose job role necessitates a precise understanding of the fundamentals of GS1 standards beyond the basic barcode. The Advanced Course is intended for industry professionals requiring a deeper technical understanding of the design and implementation of supply chain systems and solutions.

Due to its strong emphasis on traceability, this course will benefit those looking to oversee implementation projects relating to traceability, recall or supply chain visibility

What is required?

Candidates are required to have successfully completed the GS1 System Certificate prior to undertaking the Advanced GS1 System Certificate exam.

Course Assessment

Upon completion of all modules within the course you will be required to complete an online assessment. A minimum passing grade of 80% is required to achieve the Advanced Certificate Award. 

Further information

To learn more about the the GS1 System Certificate Courses or any of the eLearning modules available please contact Alec Tubridy or email