GS1 General Specifications

The GS1 General Specifications is the core standards document describing how barcodes and the GS1 identification keys should be used to comply with GS1 standards.


The document consists of 8 sections:

  • Basics and Principles of the GS1 System
  • Application Identification for Trade Items, Logistics Units, Assets, Locations, Service Relationships and Special Applications.
  • Application Identifier Definitions
  • Application Rules for Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), Logistics Units (SSCC), Global Location Numbers (GLN), Global Individual Asset Identifiers (GIAI), Global Returnable Asset Identifiers (GRAI), Global Service Relation Numbers (GSRN) and Global Document Type Identifiers (GDTI)
  • Data Carriers
  • Symbol Placement Guidelines
  • System Processing in EDP Applications
  • Glossary

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