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ScanTalk Podcast S02 EP07: Mark Kavanagh of Wexbury Spirits

Fionnuala Malone chats to Mark Kavanagh of Wexbury Spirits on his introduction to the world of commerce at the age of 13 and launching his start-up, Wexbury Spirits. This is an episode from our archives and was first published on the 22nd of April 2021.

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Quotes from the Episode

That's where it all started, I got an old trailer from my father at 13 years old and decided I was going to set up my own strawberry stand... it ended up going nationally viral and business quadrupled

Mark Kavanagh on the origins of Wexbury Spirits

There I was, just graduating from college, Googling 'businesses that thrive in a recession', and I got tobacco, chocolate and alcohol - I just thought well what about that strawberry vodka I made a few years ago?

Mark Kavanagh on the origins of Wexbury Spirits

If you're not thinking about the environment, people aren't going to be thinking about you

Mark Kavanagh on the importance of sustainability

Where to find Wexbury Spirits