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S01 EP03: Trudie's Kitchen and the Wexford Food Family

Fionnuala Malone, Digital Marketing Manager at GS1 Ireland, chats to Trudie Power about being in business for over 20 years, her barcoding journey and the Wexford Food Family.

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We work together to better each other's businesses and to create awareness in Ireland and internationally that Wexford is the home of great food

Trudie Power on the role of The Wexford Food Family

Other than the quality of your product, the quality of your barcodes is so important, not just in order to get paid by retailers but to get the recognition of your name on the till receipt, so that customers can see that they are buying a local Irish product

Trudie Power on the importance of quality barcodes for food producers

Wherever you are in Ireland, when you are doing your supermarket shop, consider supporting your local Irish food products; just by shopping local, you are supporting your local economy and your local area

Trudie Power on the importance of shopping local

Where to find Trudie's Kitchen

Where to find the Wexford Food Family

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