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S01 EP09: Clodagh Davis of Naturally Cordial

Fionnuala Malone of GS1 Ireland chats to Clodagh Davis of Naturally Cordial about being in the food business for nearly a decade.

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I based my range on the soft fruits that we can get here in Wexford; my rhubarb comes from the other side of Enniscorthy, my blackcurrants come from a couple of miles down the road, the raspberries and strawberries grow in the field next door. It’s sustainable and helps the local community as well.

Clodagh Davis on using local suppliers to create her range of fruit cordials

We have won a lot of awards and I am really proud to have received so many; when you are making something by yourself, you may think it’s great yourself but it’s wonderful to have that feedback from people that you know are experts in their field

Clodagh Davis on winning awards

The only one that they (the Supervalu Food Academy) would recommend for getting barcodes was GS1. I knew people who just had to scrap all their labels and it’s so expensive, if your barcodes can’t be read it’s just heartbreaking. So GS1 was there and that’s where I got my barcodes and continue to get my barcodes. I was really pleased that I did the right move straight off.

Clodagh Davis on becoming a member of GS1 Ireland and getting barcodes on her products

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