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Licence fees

Fee Structure and Schedule

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New GS1 Licence Application Fees

GS1 licence fees are quoted at the annual rate, ex VAT, and are valid January – December of the current calendar year.

Pro-rata fees

Applications for new GS1 prefix licences are invoiced on a pro-rata basis for the remaining months of the year i.e. a new licence issued in March will be billed at 10/12 (i.e. 5/6) of the annual amount. All licences are then renewed at the annual rate in January of the following year.

Annual GS1 Licence Renewals and Cancellations

All licence fees are automatically renewed in January of each year and payment is collected by direct debit in February. You must provide us with adequate notice of a cancellation if you no longer use your licence and do not wish it to renew in January. Cancellations must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a fully completed and signed GS1 Cancellation Form which can be downloaded here.

If you have sold your business or a product line and another entity is now responsible for maintaining the licence please contact our Helpdesk immediately on 01 208 0660 to arrange a GS1 Licence Transfer. A Licence Transfer Notification Form can be downloaded here.

Direct debit policy

GS1 Ireland Licence Fees are payable annually and are collected by Direct Debit, 30 days after date of invoice. A decision was taken by the Board of GS1 in December 2010 to implement a mandatory direct debit policy for all membership accounts. Any member without a valid direct debit on file is requested to submit a Direct Debit Mandate for the collection of future annual invoices. A direct debit mandate can be downloaded here: SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.

Direct Debit Renewals

Annual invoices for GS1 licence renewal are issued on Jan 2nd annual. Direct Debit payments will be collected 30 days after date of invoice. If, for any reason, your direct debit was not processed please call our Accounts Department on 01 208 0675 to settle your invoice by credit card.

Additional use cases

The fees listed here apply to most commonly used identifiers when utilised in general supply chain environments. However, licences fees may vary depending on the application and economic value of the GS1 identifiers used within a given sector/environment – please contact GS1 Ireland for further information.

Licence Fees for Services

The above information relates to the fees for membership and GS1 prefix / identifier licences. Licences fees for data synchronisation (GDSN), fTRACE and other value-added services are quoted separately. Please contact your GS1 Account Manager for further information.