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Barcode licence fees from 01 Jan 2023

The annual licence fees detailed below are shown by licence type (size of Global Company Prefix) and by organisational turnover band. Please note that not all licences are available to all organisations. New licences will be billed on a pro-rata basis depending upon the month in which the application is made. All fees are quoted ex VAT. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Barcodes are created using a unique prefix allocated to a named and registered company. The size and variety of your product range, or the business application, will determine which prefix is appropriate to your organisation. Barcode numbers are of a fixed size. The shorter your company prefix e.g. 7 or 9 digits the larger the number bank range you have to work with. Similarly, a long prefix e.g. 11 digits has a smaller more limited numbering capacity.

The tables below outline the full annual licence fee  which will be charged pro-rata for the remaining months of the current calendar year to December, and renewed at the full annual rate next January.  If you are unsure which prefix is appropriate for implementation in your organisation please call Membership Services on +353 1 208 0660 and we will be happy to advise you.  

Annual Licence Fees (new licences are charged pro-rata for the remainder of the calendar year)

Artisan Barcode Licence (GCP 11) - an 11 digit prefix/10 numbers only

For artisan producers and new small business start-ups only. (Max 10 product or outer case numbers possible.)

Full Year

Annual Rate

Turnover under €1 million€85

Standard Barcode Licence (GCP 9) - a 9 digit GS1 prefix or a US UPC barcode prefix

The standard prefix for general distribution.

Full Year

Annual Rate

Turnover under €1 million€284
€1 million to €5 million€299
€5 million - €20 million€369
€20 million - €50 million€389
€50 million - €100 million€399
€100 million - €1 billion€423
€1 billion - €1.5 billion€469
Turnover over €1.5 billion€529

Barcode licence (GCP 7) - a 7 digit prefix

Generate all 11 types of GS1 identification number including product and outer case barcodes and Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCCs).

Full Year

Annual Rate

All Turnover Bands€1,399