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Your GS1 Invoice Explained

What are the licences listed on a GS1 invoice?

If you have recently received an annual licence renewal invoice from us you may have some questions about what the licences are for. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about GS1 licences.

GTIN Licence - GCP Prefix

This is a licence for the issuing of barcode numbers used to identify your products in retail stores or sold online. As a manufacturer or brand owner have licenced a bank of numbers (a GS1 Global Company Prefix or GCP) to be able to allocate barcode numbers to your products. Licences must be maintained annually and may not be cancelled while there is product on the marketplace.

There are three different GCP Licences depending upon the volume of numbers you require. These are:

  • GTIN Licence - 11 digit prefix or GCP 11 digit prefix
  • GTIN Licence - 9 digit prefix or GCP 9 digit prefix
  • GTIN Licence - 7 digit prefix or GCP 7 digit prefix

The annual licence fees vary depending upon the size of your business. Details of the annual licence fee for each turnover band can be found here: Barcode licence fees

GLN Licence - a Global Location Number

A GLN is used to identify your business as a legal entity in EDI messages (electronic order & invoice messages). A GLN is used by your EDI provider and is contained in the "header" portion of each invoice message. GLNs are listed on GS1 invoices as GLN Licence, or GLN Licence Additional if you have more than one. You can learn more about EDI here.

GTIN 8 Licence

If you have a very small product where the label or packaging is not large enough to contain a standard sized EAN 13 barcode image you may apply for a single EAN 8 / GTIN 8 barcode number. This is a single number for one named product. Products must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the issuance of a GTIN 8. View EAN 8 barcode details.

Euro Coupon Licence & Sterling Coupon Licence

If you hold a licence for issuing barcoded coupons for processing by retailers and coupon clearing houses these will be listed on your invoice as:

  • Euro Coupon Licences 0.01 - 9.99 (for values between 1 cent and €9.99 - a two digit cent field)
  • Euro Coupon Licences 00.0 - 99.9 (for values greater than €10 up to €99.9)
  • Sterling (GBP) Coupons for use in UK and Northern Ireland (for values up to £9.99)

Contact Names on Invoices

The name shown beside a licence on the invoice is that of the original licence applicant. Licences must be maintained if in use, regardless of whether the original contact name is valid or not. Please note:- GS1 Licences are not a subscription for an individual. Please be careful not to cancel licences in error if that person no longer works for your organisation. If you are unsure if you still need a particular licence please contact our Membership Services team on 01 208 0660 to discuss your account.

Licence Cancellations

All licence fees are automatically renewed in January of each year and payment is collected by direct debit in February. If you no longer use your licence and do not wish it to renew in January you must provide us with adequate notice of a cancellation. Cancellations must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a fully completed and signed GS1 Cancellation Form. Please call us immediately on 01 208 0660 to discuss a cancellation request.