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What is barcode verification?

What is Barcode Verification?

Uninterrupted supply chains are good for business. GS1 Ireland’s barcode verification service offers manufacturers, printers and packaging designers a detailed analysis and grading of the print quality of their barcode images to ensure barcodes scan first time, every time helping foster strong trading relationships.

Some retailers, including major operators in the supermarket, hardware and office product sectors, will only accept products from suppliers who have had the relevant barcodes verified by GS1.

Testing assesses barcodes against established ISO and GS1 criteria and is carried out using state-of-the-art verification equipment. The analysis is done by trained and knowledgeable GS1 personnel, who are best qualified to offer advice on barcode print quality, placement and best practices, in addition to advising on any remediation works necessary for non-compliant barcodes.

Verification will confirm whether a barcode is fully compliant with GS1 standards. You will receive a written report on the results of a verification test, identifying any inadequacies in the barcode and any potential problems with it.