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The future of on-pack coding

Unlocking the capabilities of 2D barcodes to deliver more powerful granular data. 

A lot has changed since the introduction of the barcode over 45 years ago, but businesses still use on-pack barcodes and symbols because they benefit manufacturers and customers alike. GS1 is partnering with industry to harness the power of these barcodes and symbols so they remain relevant – well into the future.

The barcode on your product CAN do more

Business and regulatory demands on product packaging have grown dramatically in recent years. In the past, every product had a single barcode that served the purpose of going “beep” at the checkout. Today, product packaging often contains multiple barcodes and symbols that are intended to meet the need for more data and that serve varied purposes. Unfortunately, they cause consumer and supply chain confusion and don’t always communicate with each other. We now have the chance to work together to unlock their true value.

The future of barcodes, symbols and other identifiers on products can be simplified dramatically by leveraging the power of standards that exist today.