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What do Facility Managers need from BIM?

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been integrated within digital design, construction projects and delivery processes for many years; however, it is still a relatively new concept in facility management with owners and operators’ not fully aware of the potential benefits of using structured BIM data and processes in an asset’s operational phase.

bsi whitepaper case 4 Hospital FMs BIMBIM within design and construction stages might be focused on technical, co-ordination and constructability aspects, whereas BIM when used within the operational stage may focus on space utilisation, asset management, maintenance planning, scheduling, and record purposes.

It is well understood that a significant part of the building information created in early phases of a project is relevant for the entire lifecycle of the building asset. Therefore, the use of building information models in facility management is generating discussion internationally, and existing BIM practices and terminology are evolving to create a long-term roadmap for BIM centric workflows and BIM based applications for the whole asset lifecycle.

One area that is spearheading this is the Healthcare sector, with clients and health trusts responsible for the operations of some of the most complex and critical assets in the built environment. BIM is traditionally used for creating the physical hospital buildings, but there is a lot of potential to continue updating the models with the latest & greatest FM attribute data for proactive maintenance purposes.

Simultaneously, openBIM standards such as Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and Model View Definitions (MVD), are firmly established as global standards for open building information transfer in digital construction projects and are increasingly used in the handover process to the operational phase. Enhancing openBIM standards based on FM-relevant use cases can help accelerate the merging of BIM into facility management processes and bring clarity to the information needs of the operational phase.

That being the case, “What do FMs need from BIM?” introduces new opportunities for the healthcare sector, including the existing hospital real estate and future health care facilities. The goal of this whitepaper is to provide an insight and examples into the reasons why healthcare sector owners and operators should adopt openBIM standards and processes for the lifecycle management of their estate portfolios, facilities, and assets.

Download the full whitepaper