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Video: a call for industry collaboration

Collaboration for traceability and interoperability

Industry stakeholders and consumers are demanding traceability and more information about the products they purchase, use and consume.

The vision for traceability is to connect the physical product with a digital history, and to make that information about products available to customers.

However, traceability requires efficient data sharing. Companies need to transform the manner in which they share information. Systems need to connect, be open and we need to be able to use many different systems. The key word here is interoperability. Systems need to connect and what we need is not to replace those systems with just one, but we need to make them speak together, we need to build an interconnection between them and to build a common language in order to make them work.

Industry has recognized the need for a standards-based traceability framework that enables visibility and interoperability across the supply chain. There is a need for collaboration between all parties. It's easier to onboard suppliers if you have a community approach to traceability.

In response to the urgent need for action from the industry GS1 invites all parties to collaborate for traceability and interoperability.