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GS1 DataMatrix barcodes for product identification in healthcare

Dec 13, 2021, by Amanda Creane - Category: Healthcare

This paper clarifies the GS1 Healthcare community guidance on the use of GS1 DataMatrix within the healthcare sector. With more and more regulations being developed across the world to enable traceability, pharmacovigilance and post market surveillance, as well as digital health advancement, there is an increased need for product identification data to be captured through scanning barcodes placed on medical products (pharmaceutical and medical devices) and their packaging.

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Source: GS1 Global Office 

The GS1 Healthcare community recommends the implementation of GS1 DataMatrix as the ONLY globally endorsed 2D / Matrix data carrier for product identification in healthcare. The use of QR codes for providing healthcare product information electronically within care settings or to patients should be considered carefully and in the context of potentially confusing users within the healthcare supply chain, including patients or healthcare provider staff. The GS1 Healthcare community does NOT recommend the use of QR codes for product identification.

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