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5 signs that you would benefit from Marketplace Integration

Mar 9, 2021, by Claire Gibbons, TrueCommerce - Category: Selling Online

Are you looking to increase your sales on online marketplaces? Or perhaps your marketplace sales are becoming hard to manage?

Here is a 5 point checklist from TrueCommerce to help you decide whether you should consider a Marketplace Integration platform

EcommerceEfficiently manage inventory and sales on marketplaces with an integration solution

In an increasingly competitive landscape where physical markets are shrinking and businesses need to expand and evolve to survive (particularly in light of COVID-19), online marketplaces offer businesses of all sizes lucrative new sales opportunities and entry strategies into hard to reach territories, where a physical expansion would pose too much risk.

However, juggling multiple marketplace portals, updating product information, and rekeying orders into back office systems can soon become overwhelming and a drain on resources. Marketplace Integration enables you to integrate your back office system with the world’s top marketplaces so you can begin expanding your business online, without suffering from the increased administration these new revenue streams can bring.

If any of the following statements apply to your business, it would suggest that Marketplace Integration is an area that you should consider.

1. You need to rapidly connect to new marketplaces

Time critical sales events can play a pivotal role in an organisation’s yearly performance, and as a result, quickly connecting to global marketplaces can make or break a business’s year. If your organisation depends on events like Black Friday for success, then you need a rapid and reliable means of passing key order, fulfilment, customer and inventory data between your marketplaces and your back office system - so you can capitalise on periods of hyper inflated demand and efficiently deliver your products into the hands of your customers.

With the TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration solution you choose where you want to sell, which marketplace fits the bill and then we take care of the rest. We let you scale your business without having to build a host of new integrations.

2. You're struggling to process your marketplace orders efficiently

Each new marketplace that you sell across will lead to new sales, but when businesses start receiving orders from dozens of different platforms it can lead to a completely separate stream of administration, and if left unchecked a potential tipping point.

TrueCommerce enable you to easily process all your marketplace orders from anywhere, across any device, all from one central location.

Marketplace Integration facilitates order retrieval from each marketplace, data transfer to your ERP and the exchange of order information to your logistics and warehousing solutions, so you can eliminate manual retyping and accelerate order processing

3. You're struggling with the complexity of marketplaces

Trading electronically can often come with stipulations. Most businesses that are trading electronically within the retail industry are likely doing so in accordance with their customers’ mandatory requirements, but for businesses looking to diversify and add online marketplaces into their arsenal, there can often be unique criteria to meet per marketplace before you can open for business on the platform.

Integration from TrueCommerce allows you to trade through online marketplaces just like you would with a traditional retailer. Not only does this ensure compliance in an agile environment, but it also allows you to grow your sales whilst still enjoying the same bottom line benefits that you would if you were trading via EDI.

4. You need to increase fulfilment efficiency to meet key delivery deadlines

In a world where the customer is always right and next day delivery options have become the norm, it is essential to have the tools in place to meet strict delivery timetables and customer demands.

TrueCommerce facilitates cloud-based data integration between your chosen marketplaces and your business system. Our integration automates critical processes and by verifying essential data, including pricing items and delivery addresses prior to dispatch, ensures that you can meet stringent delivery deadlines and qualify for programs like Amazon Prime.

5. You're looking to improve your online customer experiences

Marketplace Integration enables you to increase timeliness, accuracy and service levels by consolidating multiple portals on to one platform and digitally transforming interactions with your customers, from their first click through to delivery. Our integration verifies key customer information including pricing and delivery addresses which improves accuracy and helps you deliver a consistent service.

If any of the areas covered in this checklist apply to you and your organisation there is a strong chance that you would benefit from a Marketplace Integration solution to increase and better manage your sales.

TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration

Throughout 2020 at TrueCommerce we helped our customers expand and manage sales through online marketplaces and have seen first-hand the incredible impact just having a presence on these channels has had on our customers’ sales, with many reporting double digit growth in a short period. The TrueCommerce Marketplace Integration solution offers everything you need to quickly connect to Amazon, eBay, Google, Zalando, Cdiscount, Zalora, TMall and many other leading global marketplaces from your back office system, helping you easily manage all your marketplaces from one unified solution.

Contact us for more information on how our Marketplace Integration solution can help you expand your sales channels and deliver strategic, marketing and financial benefits to your company. You can also download a more detailed PDF checklist should you wish to share it with your colleagues or refer to it at a later date.

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