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Owner Operators need Digital Building Information

Nov 4, 2020, by Katerina Belohoubkova, IFS - Category: Construction and Facilities Management

The Construction Industry is going through a major shift that will require Property Owners and Facilities Management (FM) Operators to look at, define and implement Digital Building Information Management strategies for these unprecedented COVID-19 times. The Pandemic has put further reliance, emphasis and focus on having access to validated and secure Digital Building Information for designing, building and maintaining Buildings, Campuses, Estates and Organisation Property Portfolios. The construction sector has implemented important protocols and guidelines to ensure that buildings are fit for occupancy. We also need to ensure that the people who own, operate, and maintain these buildings have secure access to the Buildings Information.

IFS statsWe are still at a stage where 80% of Projects are not specified correctly for Handover. 75% of Projects still specify a mixture of boxes of paper, ring binders and USBs for Handover Information. FM and Operations Teams have minimal input, engagement or involvement in the early stages of a construction project. This has to change and projects need to be properly specified with the right standards. Building Information Management specialists should be appointed at pre-design stage to ensure that the client's Building Information strategy is in place. Soft Landings is a critical component and all stakeholders need to be involved to establish a building's Operational Readiness.

The Fexillon team have built up significant experience and knowledge in Building Information Management. They are uniquely placed to represent the client’s needs at project inception and ensure a single source of truth in the delivery of structured digital data for the Asset Lifecycle. They regularly speak with Owners that are constantly struggling to locate accurate and reliable data to make decisions for their Buildings and Assets and this is a real issue more so than ever, in these challenging times.

IFS BIM ImageFexillon apply Building Information Management strategy in accordance with the ISO 19650 series and specify delivery of just the right amount of information concerning the build and operations of an asset, with the use of appropriate technologies. The Soft Landings principles are applied to drive better outcomes of built assets through early engagement with the Facility Management and Operational teams. The process of information exchange, coupled with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and simulation, allow Owner Operators to visualise and understand how the asset will perform in use.

A Building Information Management process should promote sharing, analysis, and reuse of information by all stakeholders. The right strategy has the potential to deliver lifetime value for the building, including construction and operational cost savings and reduction of risks, reworks and waste. This will not happen without integrated delivery teams and the Building Information Management specialist must be part of this collaboration at pre design stage.

Fexillon manage mission-critical information for blue-chip companies and Building Owners across a number of sectors. They have been appointed by Children's Health Ireland (CHI) as the Digital Construction Handover Information Specialist for Ireland's New Children’s Hospital - the 1st Public Digital Hospital. They have also joined the project team of the new Irish Rail National Train Control Centre as BIM for FM & Digital Construction Handover Information Specialist.

Fexillon advises its clients on asset tagging, maintaining an asset register, COBie requirements and Post-Occupancy Evaluation. Partnering up with GS1 Ireland enables Fexillon to assist Owner Operators with the implementation of global standards for item identification and tracking, facilitating the adoption of standardised data sharing practices to drive efficiencies and productivity gains throughout the Asset Lifecycle.

Written by our Platinum Partner: Fexillon


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