Allocate barcodes and generate symbols online with Barcode Manager

Barcode Manager

The new online tool from GS1 Ireland to help you allocate barcode numbers and generate barcode symbols accurately and effortlessly.

With Barcode Manager you can:

  • Quickly generate barcode numbers for new products
  • Keep a reliable record of your previous barcode numbers
  • Generate barcode numbers more easily without having to manually calculate a Check Digit
  • Store product information like brand name, product description, weight, size, flavour, colour, and more.
  • Easily import data to upload existing barcodes and product data
  • Generate barcode symbols and download image files.

If you are an existing member of GS1 Ireland with a barcode prefix you can login to the Members Area and start using Barcode Manager today to centrally coordinate your barcode numbers and the associated product information.

If you are unsure of your username and password simply contact Membership Services on 01 208 0660 to update your account.

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Get started with Barcode Manager today!

We've a selection of useful resources to help get you started:


One-to-one telephone training

Barcode Manager is easy and intuitive to use but if you'd like help simply call our Helpdesk on 01 208 0660, email or book a one-to-one on-boarding session now with one of our team.

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Barcode Manager

Barcode Manager "Start" Webinar

Join us on this free training webinar learn how how to generate a barcode number for your retail product using the online GS1 Barcode Manager Tool.

Book a one-to-one training session

Need help getting started with Barcode Manager? We'd be happy to talk you through the steps over the phone.

Allocate barcodes and generate symbols online with Barcode Manager

Allocate barcode numbers and generate symbols with the online Barcode Manager tool from GS1 Ireland