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Need to know more about bar coding, EDI, data sharing or traceability? Want to understand the basics of GS1 standards used across the supply chain? If you don't have time to attend a classroom course why not consider taking some of the GS1 online education modules?

The Learning Zone is an online training platform that provides an ideal alternative for GS1 Ireland members and registered solution providers to learn at a time and place that suits them. Our online training provides a wide range of courses and modules on essential aspects of GS1 supply chain standards and their practical application. Learning is self-paced and users can revise and revisit any section or module as needed.

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What can you learn about on a GS1 training course?

  • How to identify items (products, shipping units, locations, assets) using GS1 standard identification numbers
  • The technical requirements and specifications for barcode symbols
  • Using RFID tags for automated data capture
  • EDI and standard business message exchange (for orders, invoices and other business transactions)
  • Product traceability based on global standards and best practices
  • Managing product data and maintaining high data quality
  • The principles for global data exchange
  •  ... and much, much more.

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Courses for those new to GS1 standards

For those new to the implementation of GS1 barcodes we recommend the "Getting Started with GS1" course. On this course you will cover the basics of product identification and the allocation of product codes called GTINs or Global Trade Item Numbers. This course also covers the key points to be observed when creating and printing barcode symbols for your products. This course is free to all paid up Members of GS1 Ireland.

Read more about the "Getting Started with GS1" course.

GS1 Certificate Courses

For those requiring a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of GS1 standards implementation, and would like to earn a GS1 Certificate to validate their knowledge there are Certificate and Advanced Certificate course options available. You need to pass the Certificate Assessment with a minimum grade of 80% in order to achieve the award. 

Find out more about the GS1 System and Advanced System Certificate Courses.

Course pricing

Access to the "Getting Started with GS1" course is free to all Members of GS1 Ireland. A small registration fee is applicable for subsequent modules and for the Certificate Courses. Full details can be found on the Course Fees Table.

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