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Transport and Logistics Course

A Learning Zone course for manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers

Course Overview

The Transport and Logistics Course is designed for individuals seeking to understand how they can use GS1 standards to streamline their company’s transport and logistics processes. It covers a wide range of applications as well as looking at how border procedure management can be facilitated.

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically for intermediate users of GS1 standards. It is recommended that the learner is comfortable with the material covered in the introductory course on Getting Started with GS1 and with the Identifying and Barcoding Products Course prior to commencing the Transport & Logistics Course.

The modules in this course include:

  1. Introduction to Transport & Logistics: go behind the scenes of the supply chain to see how GS1 standards help companies optimise their logistics processes.
  2. The GS1 Logistics Label: become familiar with the structure, content, size and placement of the GS1 Logistics Label for pallets and outer cases.
  3. Fundamentals of Border Procedure Management: an overview of how GS1 standards can help customs authorities and transport organisations improve their border procedure management.
  4. Identification Numbers – GLN & SSCC: learn about the structure and specifications for use of the location and container codes.
  5. Identification Numbers – GRAI & GIAI: discover the GS1 identifiers for individual and returnable assets
  6. Barcodes – the GS1-128 symbology: this module addresses the use, application and structure of the  GS1 128 barcode symbology that is capable of encoding a wide variety of data and identifiers including SSCCs, GTINs, batch and expiry information, to list just a couple of examples.
  7. Barcode Verification: learn about the extensive tests and analyses conducted to assess the print quality of a barcode.

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