What do Irish Shoppers understand by the term ‘sustainability’

Research has revealed that the Irish grocery shopper is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of their buying choices on the environment.

Sustainability for Small Businesses: Time to think about Packaging

It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to sustainability - you can't go wrong with the top one shoppers are interested in - Packaging.

Calculating baseline CO2 emissions

Introduction to the calculation of CO2 emissions

Explore the benefits of electronic ordering and invoicing

Buying and selling products and services can generate a significant paper trail. Electronic procurement is a way for buyers and sellers to remove a large amount of that paper from their daily operations.

Getting started with sustainability changes, does make a difference

Continuous improvement in a business is easier said than done, especially if sustainability is to be changed from a social responsibility to a business driver.

Measuring Carbon Productivity in Global Supply Chains

Carbon productivity is defined as the ratio between the useful transport of goods, and the GHG emissions generated .


2 People Calculating Data

Calculation of CO2 Emissions

Introduction to the calculation of CO2 emissions for participation in Lean & Green

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Render of a Pin on a Map

Measure to Improve

Carbon Productivity in Global Supply Chains

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Truck Travelling On A Road In Fields

Lean Analytics

Carbon Data Maturity Levels

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Red Truck in Forest

Metrics for Continuous Improvement

Development work of the Lean & Green Logistics Community

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