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Lean & Green Programme Overview

Community Sustainability Solutions; Customised Carbon Reduction Actions

Lean & Green is a not-for-profit European programme designed to reduce the complexity associated with C02 footprint reduction and to help organisations on the road to independently verified, accredited and recognised CO2 emissions reductions.

Lean & Green Intro Sept 2020 from GS1 Ireland on Vimeo.

With our trade, logistics and data management experience, GS1 Ireland is proud to now offer this leading European sustainability program. Many Irish businesses want to reduce their CO2 emissions and be leaders in sustainable business. Lean & Green Europe has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding its member organisations towards a less wasteful and more sustainable future. The Lean & Green programme and star ratings give your organisation recognition for achieving various sustainable results. 

Programme Benefits

Create individual and actionable carbon reduction metrics for your business.Receive independently-verified improvement roadmaps & reporting.Receive independently-verified improvement roadmaps & reporting.

"We wanted to lead the industry in emissions reductions. Lean & Green gave us a clear template to reduce our CO2 emissions and the means to measure the reduction"

Adrian Lannon, MD Zeus Packaging Adrian-Lannon

Lean & Green Zeus Testimonial from GS1 Ireland on Vimeo.

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Programme Structure

The Lean & Green Program recognises the successful reduction of carbon emissions. 


The Lean & Green Stars give your company recognition for achieving various sustainable results. The programme is divided into work levels beginning with a baseline analysis of your CO2 footprint and from this start point to set measurable carbon emission reduction targets. Once the objectives established for each level have been reached, companies are awarded a Lean & Green Star. Based on your validated CO2 performance and emissions reduction actions to date, you can enter the Programme at 1st, 2nd or 3rd Star level.

The programme is structured to allow you to reach reduction goals in a realistic time frame.


Programme Pathway

To participate in the initiative, the company must sign the application agreement, becoming a member of the Lean & Green community.

As a member of Lean & Green, the company is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% within a maximum period of 5 years and achieving its First Star. If a company can prove previous CO2 reductions greater than 20% they can join the programme at a higher star accreditation level.

Working with GS1 Ireland to establish its carbon footprint the member company then prepares its Action Plan to achieve their CO2 reduction.

This Action Plan is then reviewed by an accredited 3rd party audit company, which evaluates the viability of the plan.

Upon verification of the carbon emissions reduction level, the company receives the appropriate Lean & Green Star Award.

Implementation of the Action Plan and regular monitoring with the help of GS1 Ireland until the reduction objective is reached.

Recognition of the logo and delivery of the Lean & Green Star by GS1 Ireland.

This cycle continues as members reduce their CO2 emissions on a pathway to 0% emissions by 2050.


Programme Benefits

Lower CO2 emissions mean lower consumption of fuel and energy. Our participants report savings of 10-15% on their consumption.

Collaboration with industry peers, clients and government helps to make the logistics sector more sustainable. The programme offers the possibility of finding other partners to collaborate with to achieve improvements in both efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint.

Being a Lean & Green member ensures your business is a part of setting the sustainable logistics agenda. 

The use of the Lean & Green logo and other marketing materials are certified proof of your company's commitment and success in reducing carbon emissions. These distinctions are an added value when communicating with consumers, shoppers and customers.

Lean & Green from GS1 Ireland - EU Green Deal from GS1 Ireland on Vimeo.


Get in touch with Alec Tubridy, Industry Engagements (Projects) Executive to find out more. 

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