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GS1 SSCC Logistics Label Tool Generator

Create standardised transport labels for pallets and logistics units

What is the GS1 Logistics Label Tool?

GS1 Sample Logistics Label with SSCC

The Logistics Label Tool is a simple and easy to use online tool for businesses that need to create logistics labels for traded and transport units (pallets) with an SSCC or "Serial Shipping Container Code" in a GS1-128 barcode.

The GS1 Logistics Label Tool has been developed specifically for small and medium businesses to quickly and easily generate SSCC labels for pallets.

The tool is accessible via this website and no additional software or systems are required. Once generated your labels can be printed on a standard office printer.

Download a guide to the GS1 SSCC Online Pallet Label generation tool

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Benefits of using the GS1 Logistics Label Generator

The Logistics Label Tool offers you the option to generate GS1-compliant labels without the need to install any special software on your production line.

With the Logistics Label Tool you can create one-off labels as and when you require them, with the product information required by your trading partners. This information typically includes the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for the item and a range of additional information including product weight, best before & other dates, serial or batch numbers or the number of items being shipped.

A unique SSCC or Serial Shipping Container Code is generated for each unit or shipment as required.

Download the GS1 SSCC Logistics Label Tool Leaflet

Key features of the GS1 SSCC Label Generator

Create accurate labels quickly and efficiently. The GS1 SSCC Logistics Label Generator allows you to create your own PDF format labels without having to buy additional software or hardware.

  • Identify products as they move through the supply chain - creating labels with barcodes to identify your products will save you and your trading partners time and money.
  • Access this tool anywhere and anytime - as this tool does not depend on internal or third party software, and is accessed through a browser, it simply requires internet access to be used from any location.
  • Print labels on a standard office printer - labels can be printed on your standard home or office printer.
  • Keep a record of all your GS1 Logistics Labels – the tool automatically archives all of the labels created for future reference, or reprinting if necessary.
  • Label customisation – it is also possible to insert your logo on transport labels.

The GS1 Label Generator Tool offers the following features for creating a standardised Logistics Label:

  • a choice of options to create a label for either a standardised, variable weight or mixed item traded unit
  • Use of GS1 Application Identifiers or AIs to identify product data as follows:
  • inclusion of the item's GTIN AI(01) or the GTIN of the item contained using AI(02) and AI(37)
  • additional data including Net Weight for variable trade items using AI(3102)
  • inclusion of a company logo on the logistic label
  • incremental automatic allocation of SSCCs
  • archive of all labels generated

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