Digital Link Explained

Connect your customers to the product information they want and need

enabling consistent representation of GS1 identification keys within web addresses to link to online information and services

The GS1 Digital Link standard for web-enabling barcodes promises to enhance the experience for consumers and patients around the globe while strengthening brand loyalty, improving supply chain traceability, patient safety and efficiencies and bringing mobile phone scanning into the 21st century.

Similar to the way a web address (URL) points to a specific website, GS1 Digital Link will enable connections to all types of business-to-business and business-to-consumer information. And instead of being limited to one type of data carrier like a traditional barcode, brands can now use a QR code, radio-frequency identification (RFID), GS1 DataMatrix tag or near-field communication (NFC) to deliver this information to their customers.

More specifically, in Healthcare, the GS1 Digital Link standard helps reinforce the One-barcode initiative. Meaning, manufacturers, distributors and hospitals will still use the ubiquitous barcode for years to come, for many different purposes like traceability and point-of-care scanning. Yet, now with GS1 Digital Link, they have the opportunity of using a single barcode to access digital information about the product.

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Access Standard v1.1 Ratified February 2020