Legal Entity Identifier - LEI

Register for an LEI for just €89 plus VAT. Transfer an existing LEI for free and renew for just €59 plus VAT. GS1 Ireland is a GLEIF accredited LEI Registration Agent.

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Legal Entity Identifier - LEI

Obtain an LEI from GS1 for just €89 plus VAT 

The initial registration fee for an LEI, through GS1 Ireland, is just €89 plus VAT with an annual renewal fee of only €59 plus vat. You can transfer an existing LEI to GS1 Ireland to avail of the excellent value renewal fee. No renewal fees are payable until the renewal due date. Apply for an LEI online now.

What is an LEI?

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-digit, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO standard 17442:2012. The aim of the global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) system is to uniquely identify counterparties to financial transactions and to provide high quality reference data about them, such as the name, address, and basic ownership information. 

The LEI and its associated data enables clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions. 

Benefits of our LEI services

Global LEI issuer with local support
Global issuing agency with local support

Easy LEI registration Simple and clear LEI registration process Simple LEI transfer Effortless, free of charge LEI transfer Competitive prices for LEI applications Competitive market pricing

GS1’s LEI services can help you with obtaining, transferring and renewing your Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs).

With more than 40 years of experience in the identification of unique products and entities, GS1 and its global network of 112 Member Organisations are uniquely qualified to offer complete LEI services, with expertise in data validation and knowledge of local language, laws and regulations.

Register for an LEI with GS1 Ireland

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You can apply online through GS1 for a Legal Entity Identifer (LEI) to identify your organisation.

Transfer an LEI with GS1 Ireland

Transfer or Renew an LEI

Existing LEIs can be transferred to GS1 and renewed. Notices of renewal will be issued 6 weeks in advance.

LEI registration and renewal fees

LEI Fees

See the relevant fees list to register or renew an LEI through GS1.

What is an LEI and frequently asked questions

What is an LEI & other questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the what, why and how of Legal Entity Identifiers