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New Scan4Safety Report

Jul 29, 2020, by Amanda Creane - Category: Healthcare

Increasing patient safety and improving operational efficiency across the NHS.  

Report published July 2020.

 “This report fully details the evidence from the Scan4Safety demonstrator programme. It highlights the improvements made to patient safety and financial efficiency by enabling traceability in a clinical setting through the unambiguous identification of every person, every product, and every place. It provides a compelling case for the implementation of point-of-care scanning across the NHS, particularly as we consider how to learn from the difficult lessons arising from the Cumberlege review.”

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare, GS1 UK

The Scan4Safety programme was launched in 2016 by the Department of Health and Social Care where six trusts were tasked with implementing GS1 standards for the unique identification of every person, every product and every place within healthcare.

Following the successful completion of the programme, the wealth of data and insights accumulated over the two-year period has now been published and below shares some key data highlights selected from the evidence.

The report shares first-hand accounts from the six trusts, along with several others that have embarked on their own Scan4Safety adoption journeys and showcases the improvements made to patient outcomes, benefits outlined by the trusts and details of lessons learnt over the course of the programme.

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