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Reap the benefits of GS1 System Certification for your business

Aug 30, 2017, by Tim Daly - Category: Training Blog

Enable your staff to deliver a better quality of service to your customers with GS1 System Certificate Training

Keith Gallagher of TrueCommerce completes his GS1 System CertificateFor many solution providers, being able to offer a GS1 standards based solution can be a real point of value to their customers, ensuring the interoperability, scalability and longevity of their solutions.

Having staff trained in the implementation of GS1 standards based solutions reduces cost, increases efficiency, and can be a great selling point for any solution provider. Having access to a proper training resource makes it easy for staff to upskill, ensuring that staff have the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and are utilising best practice.

GS1 Ireland has launched the new GS1 System Certificate, available now on our new Learning Zone e-learn platform. It provides a foundational knowledge of GS1 standards and solutions. The course is free to members of the GS1 Ireland Solution Provider Programme and is an ideal introduction to GS1 standards for your staff.

“I found the GS1 System Certification beneficial because as a solution provider it is important we convey the correct detail to customers and maximise the accuracy of the data that is captured and exchanged within EDI”

Keith Gallagher, Regional Sales Manager - TrueCommerce

The System Certificate syllabus covers a variety of topics, including:

  • GTINs – barcodes and how to use them
  • GLNs – identifying locations and businesses
  • SSCCs – identifying and tracking pallets
  • GDSN – a centralised repository for sharing product data globally
  • EDI – electronic exchange of business forms such as orders and invoices
  • EPC & RFID – identification and traceability using RFID tags

Courses are taught online and are accessible at any time, so students can progress at their own pace. Modules are short and easy to comprehend, with clear and concise explanations of key concepts. The study material caters for all learning types, with a mix of interactive modules and factsheets/reference material. The course is completed with an assessment, which ensures that the student has grasped the key points.

The GS1 System Certificate is free to members of our GS1 Ireland Solution Provider Programme. Get started with the GS1 System Certificate by logging in or registering here or by emailing our Training Team to find out more.

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