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Annual Review 2020

GS1 Ireland End of Year Report on Activities and Financial Statements 2020.

A better world for everyone through the full adoption of GS1 standards


GS1 Ireland Annual Review 2020 Cover

Chair: Gerry Boylan, Diageo         CEO: Mike Byrne

Welcome to GS1 Ireland’s review of 2020 and the second full year of delivering on our Strategic Plan 2019 to 2021. As we write this report, we do so against the backdrop of the continuing impact that Covid-19 is having on society and business in Ireland and across the globe.

As the pandemic continued to spread during 2020, the commitment of our Team at GS1 Ireland, and the agility of our business, ensured our members and customers received the supply chain standards, services, and technology products that they needed to keep their businesses operational.

Our organisational purpose of enabling a better world for everyone through the full adoption of GS1 standards was much in evidence across all GS1 Ireland’s key sectors, and most noticeably in Healthcare and Retail CPG. We are proud of the commitment, dedication, and professionalism that GS1 Ireland demonstrated to our members during a difficult and uncertain period and would like to extend our thanks, and that of the Board, to all the Team.

The pandemic required our business to change the way we operated - and in fundamental ways - and, like all the companies and organisations we serve, we too had to embrace the new challenges and opportunities of remote working while ensuring the highest possible level of customer service.

Our ability to respond successfully was enabled by the core elements of our strategy: deepening engagement with our members, providing a virtual hub for community collaboration, delivering new and innovative services and solutions, and enhancing our team, processes and technologies while remaining fully committed to our vision of delivering value through standards for all. Read the full statement.

Download the full Annual Review below, including the GS1 Global Annual Report 2020-2021.

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