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S02 EP05: GS1 Ireland Healthcare

Fionnuala Malone chats to Siobhain Duggan and Amanda Creane of the GS1 Ireland Healthcare team about the use of GS1 identification standards in healthcare

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We're seeing the acceleration of eHealth and increased demand for real time data traceability... ultimately using that data to detect trends and to inform clinical decisions

Siobhain Duggan on the future of healthcare in Ireland

Interoperable systems are the ones with the competitive advantage….It's so important that the information can flow…using proprietary numbering is going to inhibit growth

Amanda Creane on the interoperability of traceability systems basedon GS1 standards

It is important is for people who are embarking on a project or looking at designing in traceability standards to talk to us sooner than later so that we can put people on the right track

Siobhain Duggan on future proofing your healthcare business

Where to find GS1 Ireland Healthcare

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