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S02 EP04: Food & Retail Consultant James Burke

May 11, 2022, by  - Category:

Fionnuala Malone of GS1 Ireland chats to Food & Retail Consultant James Burke about running a food business in 2022.

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So there's only one word of advice for those that are new, and it is to do research, research and more research

James Burke on his advice for new food businesses in Ireland

I've seen some producers are now doing the work of the restaurant or hotel kitchen and they're sending the product in at a far greater stage of preparedness

James Burke on how staff shortages in hospitality are creating new opportunities for food producers

Here's the ultimate selling to a buyer; 'I've studied your category, you're missing an opportunity, and I have that product', that's really where the magic is

James Burke on how to effectively pitch to retail buyers

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