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S01 EP08: Peter Timlin of Pure Clothing

Fionnuala Malone of GS1 Ireland chats to Peter Timlin of Pure Clothing about their phenomenal growth, going viral on TikTok and their sustainability initiatives.

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Every five minutes, three tonnes of clothes are dumped into landfill in Ireland, it's an astonishing figure and something that we need to address in Irish society

Peter Timlin on the impact of fast fashion

We won a Business Spirit Award for Best Project in Natural Environment, it's the achievement we are most proud of as it acknowledges our efforts in sustainability, which is what we're all about

Peter Timlin on winning awards

Jump on any opportunity that comes your way...if you have an idea...just do it...don't be afraid to try something...even if you fail, they're all building blocks for when the time comes and you do have a really strong idea

Peter Timlin on advice for new entrepreneurs

Where to find Pure Clothing

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