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S01 EP06: Naveen Bachani of Vada Pow

Fionnuala Malone, Digital Marketing Manager at GS1 Ireland, chats to Naveen Bachani of Vada Pow on his frozen food business, Vada Pow, which is inspired by Mumbai street food.

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You have to be patient, it's going to take five to ten years to establish your business, it's a journey, there are roadblocks, they can make you or break you and you need to have patience

Naveen Bachani of Vada Pow on on his advice for new businesses

The supermarkets don't accept loose boxes, only pallets, the Logistic Label Tool is so handy, the pallet label has a unique number, it's easy for everybody in the whole supply chain to understand and it gives traceability through to the retailers

Naveen Bachani of Vada Pow on the GS1 Ireland Logistics Label Tool

Consumers are so welcoming, they like to taste the products, they like to try new things and they are open to new foods

Naveen Bachani of Vada Pow on the Irish consumer

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