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S01 EP02: Digitising Construction

Sean Dennison, Head of Industry Engagement and Technical Standards, GS1 Ireland, chats to George Harold, CEO of Integrated Facilities Solutions (IFS) about their efforts to digitalise the construction sector.

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What we noticed was there was no real traceability or interoperability of the information related to building management... we wanted to change that

George Harold on the origins of Integrated Facilities Solutions

It's so important that assets are identified in the manufacturing facility so that they can be traced through to predesign, construction, handover, close and operations

George Harold on the importance of asset identifiers in construction

The goal is to be able to trace those individual assets and components that go into a building; where they came from, when they were last maintained and how they are being operated

George Harold on best practice in building information management

Where to find Fexillion (Formerly IFS)

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