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S01 EP01: What's Instore? Trading Online Digitally

Maria Svejdar, Head of Marketing, GS1 Ireland chats with Keith Gallagher, Regional Sales Manager Ireland, TrueCommerce, about supply chain transformation, the increased interest in trading with marketplaces and the current impact of BREXIT.

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With any change there is opportunity, so we could see for Irish producers, it’s a way into supermarket chains that would have imported from the UK up to this point… it’s an opportunity for local suppliers

Keith Gallagher on the opportunities for Irish producers post-BREXIT

some of our biggest customers are already looking towards more drop shipping items and endless aisle philosophies...whereby they can get more suppliers in play and expand out their offering online

Keith Gallagher on the future of e-commerce

the more accurate the product data in these online spaces means that the end purchaser is going to have a better experience...getting it into their hand and saying 'yes this is exactly what I expected'

Keith Gallagher on the importance of accurate product data

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