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Webinar: What is a GTIN?(On Demand)

Learn what is a GTIN and how is it used in barcodes in Healthcare.

Siobhain Duggan and Amanda Creane. This webinar was recorded in April 2020 and is available on demand.



Are you being requested to provide GTINs for the products that you supply as a part of tenders for healthcare providers? 
GS1 Ireland are here to help, we will be bringing you a series of short online flashtalks where we will demystify the GTIN and barcodes, and provide you with the knowledge you need to meet these requirements.

The first of these 15 minute updates will cover the following topics;

  • What is a GTIN?
  • What are the barcodes used in healthcare?
  • Why use a GTIN

Listen on Demand