GS1 Cloud API Specification

The purpose of this document is to outline a specification for the GS1 Cloud Data Store API. This API enables managing and querying of product data in the GS1 Cloud Data Store. It defines the data and interfaces by which;

  • Brand owners, retailers and other trading partners of brand owners who originate the data to manage product data into the GS1 Cloud Data Store.
  • Internet Application Providers (IAPs), consumers and businesses to query and search for product data.

It supports the three core use cases for GS1 Cloud Phase 1;

i. Key Authentication
ii. Product Validation
iii. Search Function

Future phases of this project may provide additional capabilities in the Data Store API to better manage, query and search product data using the GS1 Cloud Phase 1 application. Although the specification is full featured, not all APIs are immediately available for consumption. Only select APIs will be released initially and implementation for additional APIs will follow thereafter.

For details on the release schedule for APIs, please check the GS1 Cloud User Guide document and additional information on the GS1 Global Cloud webpage.

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GS1 Cloud API Specification