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An introduction to GS1 and supply chain standards

An introductory elearning course for new users of GS1 supply chain standards

Course Overview

This introductory course will introduce you to the world of GS1 standards and covering the basic steps involved in creating product identification codes and retail barcode symbols. During this course you will become familiar with the GS1 GTIN (Global Trade Item Number - the number that is included in a barcode symbol) and the allocation rules to be observed when allocating new barcode numbers.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone who has no previous knowledge of GS1 standards and wishes to understand the process of allocating barcode numbers for products.

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The modules in this course include:

1. Introduction to GS1

This first module provides a comprehensive introduction to the three groups of GS1 standards. The structure and role of the GS1 organisation is described.

2. Identification Numbers (GTIN)

This module provides an introduction to the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN); the most widely used GS1 Identification Key. A GTIN is used to identify products and services globally across all industries. The basic rules and principles for allocating new product identification numbers are also covered.

3. Barcodes Symbols - EAN/UPC

This module provides an introduction to the EAN and UPC barcode symbols - the most widely used barcodes in retail stores. Where and why each symbol is used in the supply chain is covered, along with details of their structure and size. The course addresses the importance of barcode print quality, the best colour combinations and permissible symbol sizes.

4. Barcode Manager

This final module will provide you with information and training resources for using GS1 Ireland’s Barcode Manager Tool. Barcode Manager is an easy to use, online tool that automatically allocates a barcode number (GTIN) for you, including the check digit and records basic product data including the name, brand, description, weights and dimensions.

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