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Programme Overview


Lean and Green is a not-for-profit, 5-star award programme developed by the Connekt Foundation in the Netherlands. The goal of the programme is to recognise and reward participating organisations for demonstrating verified reductions in CO2 emissions. The Lean & Green programme is now available to organisations in Ireland through GS1.

Lean & Green Community

Lean-and-Green-Participating-Countries-National-Offices-MapGS1 Ireland joins 13 other trade & logistics organisations across Europe to offer the Lean and Green Programme. There are national offices in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.  

Participating Member Companies across Europe

Over 600 companies have already joined the Lean and Green Europe programme with many well known names included from across the transport, distribution and retail sectors.   

Legislation & Carbon Emissions Targets 

The Lean & Green programme recognises CO2 emissions reductions in line with the Irish Climate Action (Amendment) Bill 2020, with the following proposed for inclusion:

  • Equalisation of Diesel and Petrol prices
  • Emissions based taxes for LGVs
  • Environmental rationale in BIK regime
  • Carbon tax trajectory of at least €80 by 2030
  • Company Carbon Budgets by 2020

With organisations responsible for their own actions to reduce CO2 emissions, the journey begins with joining a community of like-minded organisations who share ideas, best practice and anonymised data within a framework.   

Participants analyse their logistics processes and implement sustainable practices that bring cost savings along with the desired emissions reduction.  Modern systems, such as “Big Mile” and “EcoTraxx” can be used to help with analysis. 

GS1 Ireland now offers the Lean & Green Programme in Ireland to support local businesses in the identification, measurement and achievement of their sustainability goals in the areas of transport and logistics.  All Irish members of Lean & Green will have access to the European Lean & Green Community and, in the near future, a local Irish Lean & Green User Group.   

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Alec Tubridy for details or register here.