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What is fTRACE?

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  • fTRACE is a software system that captures and records information about a product as it moves through the supply chain.
  • This information (with permission) can be shared with other trading partners, authorities and consumers.
  • Today fTRACE is used by a broad range of food producers to record and share traceability information with both retail customers and end consumers.

How Does fTRACE Work?

fTRACE works by recording the ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’ of specific ‘events’ along the supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers can access this information on a rights-controlled basis. 

What is Events-Based Traceability?

An ‘event’ can be something as simple as a movement e.g. dispatch from a distributor’s warehouse to a retailer’s warehouse. A second example of an event is a step in the production process e.g. deboning or freezing.

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Benefits to Suppliers of Using fTRACE 

1. Legal Compliance

- Use of the solution fulfils legal requirements regarding traceability
- Industry-specific regulations are also considered in the solution
- Data security and rights management are central to the system

2. Efficiency

- Digitisation and standardisation of unstandardised processes and data
- Allows for the checking of traceability data prior to goods receipt
- Trusted digital record keeping process for food control checks

3. Quality & Trust

- The product origin is a central feature of the system
- Optimisation of customer and brand loyalty through product origin and processing data

4. Risk Management

- Full supply chain visibility for recalls or when having quality issues
- Visibility of your supply chain allows for the identification of dependencies on certain suppliers
- View product origin information beyond tier 1 suppliers

Benefits to Consumers using fTRACE

The traceability data generated along the supply chain can be used by suppliers and retailers to educate and inform consumers about the origins and quality of the products they are purchasing. Using a mobile phone app or by inputting the fTRACE code directly on a website, a consumer can look up a broad range of information e.g. where the product comes from, when and how it was processed, as well as useful tips and recipe suggestions.

How do I Learn More about fTRACE?

Tim Daly is our fTRACE Solution Manager for Ireland. If you are a fresh foods supplier or retailer that would like more information about the fTRACE traceability platform, please call Tim today on +353 1 208 0687 or request more information below.

fTRACE Solution Manager for Ireland

Please contact Tim Daly for further information on the benefits of using fTRACE in your business

T: +353 1 208 0687

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