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fTRACE: An event-based traceability solution

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  • fTRACE is a software system that captures and records batch level traceability information about a product as it moves through the supply chain.
  • This product information, subject to agreed permissions, can be shared with other trading partners, authorities and consumers.
  • Today, fTRACE is used by a broad range of food producers and distributors to record and share traceability information with both retail customers and end consumers.

How Does fTRACE Work?

fTRACE works by recording the ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘When’ and ‘Why’ of specific events along the supply chain.

What is Event-Based Traceability?

An ‘event’ is a moment or action along the supply chain. It can be something as simple as a movement e.g. an order dispatched from a distributor’s warehouse to retailer’s store or a step in the production process e.g. deboning, cutting or freezing.

Traceability events in the food processing supply chain

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Benefits of event-based traceability for suppliers 

There are a whole host of benefits that suppliers and producers can bring to their operations through the implementation of event-based traceability. These include;

1. Legal Compliance

  • Fulfil legal requirements regarding the recording of key traceability data
  • Meet industry-specific regulations for certain food products
  • Enable data security and rights-access management

2. Efficiency of product and data management

  • Enable the digitisation and standardisation of current non-standardised processes and data sets
  • Facilitate the sending/receiving of traceability data prior to goods dispatch/ goods inwards
  • Create a trusted digital record for food control checks

3. Support Quality Assurance & Brand Trust initiatives

  • Record and track the origin of ingredients and products
  • Enable the optimisation of customer and brand loyalty through the tracking and sharing of information about product origin and how it was processed

4. Risk Management

  • Deliver full supply chain visibility for recalls or when having quality issues
  • Identify and visualise product and supplier dependencies with supply chain visibility
  • View product origin information beyond tier 1 suppliers

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