What is the Global Data Synchronisation Network?

GDSN is the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network, built around the GS1 Global Registry®, GDSN-certified data pools, the GS1 Data Quality Framework and GS1 Global Product Classification, which when combined provide a powerful environment for secure and continuous synchronisation of accurate data.

Synchronising accurate, properly classified data results in:

  • Smoother and quicker business processes
  • Improved accuracy of orders
  • Fewer forms to fill out
  • Fewer duplicate systems and processes
  • A proven way to drive unnecessary costs out of the supply chain

Many suppliers and their customers around the world, both large corporations and small manufacturers and producers, have already discovered how synchronising qualitative, properly classified data using GDSN can bring both benefits and opportunities.

One of the key advantages of the GDSN is that trading partners have a single point of entry to the GDSN through the certified data pool of their choice therefore avoiding having to pay subscriptions to several data pools