Barcode Manager "Start" Webinar

How to allocate a barcode number for a retail product with the GS1 Barcode Manager Tool

Barcode Manager Intro Webinar Handout CoverThis beginner's training webinar will show you the basics of using the GS1 Ireland Barcode Manager tool. This session is ideal for those new to the tool or those that perhaps have not used Barcode Manager for some time.

In this introductory session we cover:

  • How to log in to Barcode Manager
  • How to view and select your barcode prefix (GS1 Global Company Prefix - GCP)
  • The concept of product hierarchies
  • How to allocate a barcode number (GTIN or Global Trade Item Number)
  • How to add description data for a retail product
  • How to view and edit the data for a retail product
  • Creating a barcode number for an outer case
  • Generating and downloading a symbol image.

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