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Why do I need a GLN?

A GS1 Global Location Number is a globally unique number used to identify your company, as a legal entity, for the purpose of sending and receiving electronic business messages such as orders and invoices.

The GLN is encoded in the "header" part of each EDI message to identify the sender or receiver. To ensure messages are delivered to the right recipient it is vital that these numbers are globally unique.

A beginner's guide to electronic data interchange

What is EDI?

A non technical overview for those new to EDI. Click on the button below to download your free copy.


There is an annual licence fee for a GLN. The fee will be applied proportionately depending upon the month of the year in which you apply. Licences are renewed in January of each year and are collected by direct debit. You can read more about GS1 licence fees here.

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Making the move to EDI

Businesses start using EDI for one of two reasons. Either your business had grown to the point where it is no longer feasible or economic to manually process paper business documents or one of your customers has requested that you use EDI. There are many benefits to using EDI such as time efficiency, greater accuracy, automation and cost savings. Read more about the benefits of EDI here.

To start using EDI you will need to complete three steps:

  1. review and select an EDI solution provider suitable to your needs. 
  2. apply to GS1 Ireland for a unique Global Location Number to identify your mailbox for messages. When you are ready you can login (existing GS1 members) or register (new members) to licence a GLN for your business.
  3. work with your service provider to set up and test the business messages you are going to exchange electronically. You can access the technical information on EDI standards here.

How does EDI work?

Further information: webinars & training

If you'd like to learn more about EDI check out some of the following educational resources:

Registration is required to access these private videos on YouTube, recorded as webinars in conjunction with our Gold Partner TrueCommerce.

Discover more about GS1 standards

Discover GS1

Discover GS1 standards

Learn how GS1 standards can be used to benefit you and your business, and how they play a vital role in everyone's lives