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How much does a barcode cost?

Getting a barcode is straightforward and the entire process is completed via the online application form on this website.

GS1 Barcode Licence Fees

Each of the GS1 company prefixes, from which barcodes are allocated, are priced on a scale in line with a range of turnover bands. The prices for micro organisations with a turnover under €1 million are as follows:

  • GCP 11 = an 11 digit prefix = 10 product/outer case numbers = €85 per year
  • GCP 9 = a 9 digit prefix = 1000 product/outer case barcode numbers = from €284 per year

Please note the full year's annual licence fee will be charged at the pro-rata rate for the remainder of the current calendar year. This reduced rate will automatically be applied during the online application process.

View the full list of barcode licence fees for companies of all sizes.

If your product range extends beyond 5 products we recommend that you licence the standard GCP 9. GCP 9 licence fees start at €284.00 + VAT per year and have the capacity to generate up to 1000 unique numbers. This is more cost-effective than 3 x GTIN 10s and only facilitates the generation of 30 numbers.

Terms and Conditions

All fees are quoted net of VAT and are correct as of March 2021.

*GS1 licence fees are for a calendar year from Jan – Dec. Fees are charged on a monthly pro-rata basis in the year of joining.  All licence fees are renewed January each year at the full annual rate and are payable by direct debit within 30 days. Please read the full GS1 Membership Terms & Conditions before completing the application form.